About Festival

The mission of Salam International Youth Film Festival is to popularize film education among young people, to promote the culture of our country and the establishment of friendly relations of Azerbaijani children with their peers from around the world.

The vision of Salam IYFF is to stimulate the positive thinking of young people through watching films.

During the festival, children watch new samples of world and Azerbaijani cinematography, discuss films with the participation of film critics and other film professionals and determine the winners by voting as a jury.

Every year, children from Azerbaijan and from different countries will take part in the festival. The participants of our festival will be young people from 13 to 18 years old.

From September 2 to 5, 2019, the Salam International Youth Film Festival, founded by Narimanfilm film company, was held for the first time in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the first year of Salam IYFF, about 300 participants from Azerbaijan and 11 foreign countries like Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Italy, Macedonia, India, Germany, Pakistan, and Croatia took part in the festival. Each member made new friends at Salam 2019.

See you at Salam International Youth Film Festival this year!